Our mathematics curriculum is brand new. Our textbooks are to remain in the classroom. Homework will be in worksheet format. Sheets marked "Homework" do need to be returned to school as soon as possible. If the sheet is not marked, it is considered extra/remedial ‘practice’ and need not be returned. If you have a question regarding any of the homework, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

At the beginning of each chapter, a Family Involvement Activity letter will be sent home. These activities are designed for practice at home and need not be returned to school. At the end of each chapter, an assessment will be given, scored, and returned home for your review. Please be sure to make any corrections together so that your child has a better understanding of the concepts being presented.

I cannot express enough how important it is for your child to practice (daily) their basic math facts.

Some good ideas to help you might be:

  • Have your child add up a grocery store or department (Target/Walgreens) store receipt. As an incentive, give them any overages they find as a reward !! My own children have found many errors on my own receipts at home !!

  • Ask them to add/subtract various items—i.e.: count out spaghetti strands for dinner, 23 strands per person for dinner.

  • Have your child calculate auto mileage from destination to destination, and back !!

  • Old fashioned flash cards are ideal. Offer a penny per correct answer—take away a penny if incorrect—until the pack of cards has been gone through once/twice.

  • Ask your child what time it is !!

  • Have them count their money from a piggy bank or from change received from a transaction while at the store.

  • Practice, practice, practice !! It really does make perfect !!



Parents/ Families will receive detailed information about our My Math program in a separate communication just prior to our Parent Information Night.



Mad Minute Math Practice Sheets: