What I Expect of Parents:

• To make the their child responsible for daily tasks (i.e. homework, household chores, etc.)
• To keep the school-home relationship open and positive.
• To spend time reading to and listening to the child each day.
• To limit the use of electronic devices like TV and video games.
• To be knowledgeable about the way children learn.
• To model an enthusiasm for learning by being readers and writers themselves.
• To see that the child gets adequate sleep, exercise, and nutritious meals each day.
• To keep me informed of any issues that might be affecting the child's personal health, safety, and spiritual or psychological growth/development. (This information will be kept in strictest confidence.)


Parents can also help by providing information about themselves, their professions, special interests, or other contacts that might be of use at some point during the school year. Students enjoy hearing about various careers/ adventures--share yours with us!!

Homework Policy

Homework is vital to the success of a students' learning. It is an extension of the learning experience that the children have during the school day. Homework is designed to aid and enhance their skills and help them to achieve our classroom goals. It will never be used to merely keep students busy.

Students in my class will be assigned approximately 20- 30 minutes of homework per day.
If no assignment is given those 20-30 minutes should be spent reading either individually or as a family. Make it a habit.

Homework generally falls into one of these four categories:

1. Remedial Drill: This is an extension of work already introduced in the class. Its purpose is to strengthen the child's weak areas.
2. Research: This is work which involves the use of reference materials. It is usually given on an extended-time basis and may require a visit to the local library or Internet access.
3. Unfinished work: This is work that is not completed in class and is within the student's capability to finish at home.
4. Review: This is time that should be spent at home studying and preparing for tests (i.e. spelling, math, vocabulary, etc.).

If your child is ill, but able to do schoolwork at home, please contact the School Office by 9 AM. I will then prepare assignments that may be done without direct teacher instruction for pick up by 3 PM (or earlier as necessary). Please note however, that due to the busy nature of classroom life, I may be unable to fulfill a request in a timely manner.

Contacting the Teacher

Mrs. Anne Flynn
St. Charles Borromeo School
2727 Stinson Boulevard NE
St. Anthony Village MN 55418

School Telephone:
Teacher Voicemail:
Home Telephone:
E-mail Address:

Please feel free to contact me regarding any concern you may have for your child.
Another source for you to consider might be the grade level Mentors.

Birthdays and other Celebrations ~

Birthdays are special occasions and we will enjoy them at school. Please know that you are welcome to send treats, edible or material.* However, it is not necessary and we will be sure to take a few moments to honor your child's special day~

* I would like to suggest alternatives to "sweet" treats: Why not send a copy of your child's favorite book to be donated to the classroom in honor of their birthday instead? I will put a bookplate on the inside cover with your child's name and birth date on it as a permanent, meaningful gift for the classroom to enjoy. Bring in your child's favorite movie to watch--or game to play with the class. Pencils are another great choice.
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August 28, 2016